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Google Chromecast

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With the appearance of Smart TV, many internet services have their own APP to be enjoyed in a much more accessible way directly from our televisions. But, what happens if our TV is not Smart TV and we want to access them? Well, until recently there was no remedy, but now we have Chromecast , a Google invention that we are going to talk about in the following lines.

What is Chromecast?

It is a device of small dimensions, light and easily installable in our televisions that allows us to access a series of applications , apps or tools of a Smart TV on TV that do not have such technology.

Just have an HDMI port to connect the Chromecast . The first steps after having connected it is to synchronize it with our Smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS operating system through the Google Home application available in the Play Store and App Store respectively. After the synchronization, we can make the TV reproduce those contents that we indicate from the mobile phone.

How does it work?

Although it is usually said that Chromecast turns your TV into the mobile screen , the truth is that it is rather an interpreter. While other systems directly export the screen of the mobile to the Smart TV, being that the content is playing on both screens at once, with Chromecast what we get is to reproduce what from the mobile phone we indicated, but without the phone having to keep busy with that task .

If you want to watch a video on YouTube, just indicate it on your mobile and the Chromecast device connected to the HDMI of the TV will access your own Youtube APP and search for that video while you continue to use your phone with complete freedom.

Chromecast features

Use your phone as a last generation command to send videos, music and your favorite games to the TV. You have a wide range of apps compatible with this device and you can access all of them quickly, as well as their content, to enjoy, for example, your favorite television programs with just send to send from your smartphone. Add content to the play queue from anywhere in your house and all this while you can continue using your phone for other tasks. Also, the use of Chromecast does not imply a higher battery consumption.

Choose from thousands of national and international channels , movies, series and millions of songs in applications such as Spotify or YouTube . With streaming platforms such as Netflix or HBO you can enjoy hundreds of series and also the best releases in exchange for a small fee.

Thanks to its compatibility with Wi-Fi networks you can enjoy streaming content in high definition directly from the cloud, being able to reproduce videos in 1080p and surround sound that you will experience without jerks for its intelligent traffic management that minimizes storage. in buffer.

With Chromecast you choose how and when to enjoy your favorite content . Select and plan your content from anywhere and start enjoying them when you get home.

Another option is that you really turn the TV screen into a mirror of your Smartphone or tablet . There are times when you may want to show some photo or video stored on your phone and thanks to Chromecast you can do it on the big screen by projecting the image of it on it.

Play with your friends by turning your screen on the game board . In Play Store and App Store there are thousands of games with which to spend an entertaining evening with friends and family. Choose between logic games, questions and answers, riddles and much more and share them from your mobile to the TV with just a touch of your fingers.

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