Creative Sound Blaster Z 5.1 PCIe

Creative Sound Blaster Z 5.1 PCIe

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The complete audio system for your desktop: Sound Blaster Z 

Sound Blaster Z , which is part of the Sound Blaster® PCI-Express Z-Series high-performance sound card, is a global gaming and entertainment solution that incorporates features of the Sound Blaster Zx card and includes a quality beam microphone set. 


  • SNR of 116 dB. A signal-to-noise ratio (or SNR) of 116 dB means that the audio will be 99.99% pure, 34.4 times better than the audio on the motherboard.
  • SBX Pro Studio technologies. SBX Pro Studio ™ sound technologies reproduce sound with an unprecedented level of realism, with incredible 3D surround effects for speakers and headphones.
  • CrystalVoice technology Improved and clearer voice. Express yourself and let them hear you clearly in video conferences, multiplayer games and online chats.
  • Clear communications. The Sound Blaster microphone with beam formation is designed and prepared for hands-free voice calls. Used with CrystalVoice ™ Focus, this stereo microphone creates an acoustic zone and suppresses ambient noise so you can be heard with amazing clarity.
  • Sound processor Core3D. Sound Core3D ™ is a high performance voice and sound processor to accelerate advanced audio and voice technologies. We have designed the quad-core Sound Core3D ™ audio processor to download the effects of SBX® Pro Studio Pro ™ and CrystalVoice ™ from the CPU unit. This will allow you to play better, at a higher frame rate and with superior audio and voice quality.
  • Change from headset to speaker. You will no longer have to disconnect the headphones. With the Sound Blaster Control Panel, switch from headset to speaker in a quick change.
  • Dolby® Digital Live and DTS Connect. Connect it to the decoder or home theater system through a single digital cable and enjoy optimal 5.1 surround sound from any source.
  • Do not turn off the headphones again. With the Control Panel of the Sound Blaster Z series, you can switch between headphones and speakers with a single touch of a button.


  • Audio performance
    • Signal to noise ratio: 116 dB
    • 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion of analog inputs with a sampling frequency of up to 96 kHz
    • Digital-to-analog 24-bit conversion of digital sources with a sampling frequency of up to 192 kHz to analog outputs
    • Recording sampling frequencies of 16 and 24 bits: 8; 11,025; 16; 22.05; 24; 32; 44.1; 48 and 96 kHz
    • 16 and 24 bit reproduction sampling frequencies: 8; 11.025; 16; 22.05; 24; 32 ;, 44.1; 48; 96 and 192 kHz
  • Rear panel connectivity
    • Line / microphone input: Shared 1/8 "(3.5 mm) miniclip
    • Headphones: 1 x 1/8 "(3.5 mm) mini connector
    • Front outlet: 1 x 1/8 "(3.5 mm) mini-connectors
    • Line output: 3 x 1/8 "(3.5 mm) mini-connectors
    • Rear outlet: 1 x 1/8 "(3.5 mm) mini-connectors
    • Center / Subwoofer: 1 x 1/8 "(3.5 mm) mini-connectors
    • Optical output: TOSLINK
    • Optical input: TOSLINK
  • Speaker stand
    • Stereo speakers / 2.1
    • 5.1 Speakers
    • Headphones
  • Bus connection:
    • PCI Express 1x
  • Front panel head
    • A standard 2x5-pin Intel HD front panel audio head
  • Package content:
    • Sound card Sound Blaster Z
    • Sound Blaster microphone with beam formation
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Installation CD that contains:
      • Drivers for Windows
      • Creative software package
      • User's guide
  • software
    • Sound Blaster Z-Series control panel
      • SBX Pro Studio Effects
      • CrystalVoice effects
    • Creative ALchemy
    • Creative Host OpenAL / EAX5.0 HD
    • Creative Diagnostics
    • Dolby Digital Live Encoder!
    • DTS Connect encoder
    • Configuring Sound Blaster speakers
    • Creative Software AutoUpdate
    • Creative product registration
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