Ubiquiti PBE-M5-300 PowerBeam AirMax 5GHz 300mm

Ubiquiti PBE-M5-300 PowerBeam AirMax 5GHz 300mm

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The new PowerBeam M has a compact all-in-one design with a uniform, efficient beam width and a faster processor. This new Ubiquiti PowerBeam M incorporates a system of fastening to the 3 axes (X, Y, Z) to allow greater accuracy in long distance Wi-Fi links. The antenna and performance of this new equipment have been improved to provide greater performance. 


  • Processor Features: Atheros MIPS 74Kc, 560MHz
  • Memory: 64MB DDR2, 8MB Flash
  • Network Interface: 1 X 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • Wireless certifications: FCC, IC, CE
  • ROHS compliance
  • Operating frequency: 5170MHz-5875MHz
  • Dimensions: 325 x 325 x 256 mm
  • Mounting Kit: Mast mounting kit included
  • Power supply: 24V, PoE injector included (POE-24)
  • Feeding Method: Passive PoE (pairs 4.5+, 7.8 return)
  • Operating temperature: -40C to 70C
  • Antenna size 325mm in diameter
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