Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Gaming 7.1 Wireless

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Gaming 7.1 Wireless

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the G933 Artemis Spectrum by Logitech, a wireless gaming headset with microphone and surround sound 7.1.


  • Pro-G ™ sound drivers for superior performance : Unprecedented audio quality. The patent-pending advanced Pro-G ™ sound drivers are made with hybrid mesh materials that provide the quality of sound demanded by players. In both the music you listen to and the soundtrack of your games, the Pro-G audio drivers offer accurate highs and deep bass as impressive as those of a high-end headphones. Enjoy an incredible 7.1 surround sound with Dolby® Surround Sound, * which creates a special gaming environment and lets you hear the enemy stalking you or receiving special skill tracks.

  • Multiplatform compatibility : A pair of headphones for all gaming platforms. The Artemis Spectrum G933 headphones work with PCs, mobile devices, multimedia system devices and video game consoles, including PS4 ™ and Xbox One ™. You can use G933 Artemis Spectrum on your PC for gaming, on your video game console and with your mobile devices. You can even connect your multimedia system to the wireless mixed adapter with USB power, and wirelessly listen to the sound of TV shows, music and movies without disturbing those who live with you.

  • Customizable RGB labels and lighting : Customize the look. G933 Artemis Spectrum has two customizable lighting sections: the lighting band and the logo. Each section can be programmed with its own colors or effects. They can also be synchronized. Adjustable RGB lighting lets you select up to 16.8 million colors. Use Logitech Gaming Software to configure the brightness pattern or the color of the environment. Add personalized labels with backlighting to further enhance the look.

  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology : Game with or without cables. The G933 Artemis Spectrum wireless gaming headphones allow you to play wirelessly or with cable. Play without delay with a wireless connection of 2.4 GHz for 12 hours on a single charge, without lighting, or for 8 hours if you use the default lighting. * Or you can use the 3.5 mm analog input on the headphones, if you prefer not to use battery power.

  • Programmable G-keys : Easily accessible controls. Assign custom commands using Logitech Gaming Software on the three programmable G-keys and enjoy a perfect gaming experience. Set up custom controls to keep your audio profiles, move to the next song, activate communication by one click, execute combinations of commands during the game, etc.

  • Custom sound profiles : Customized for you. With Logitech Gaming Software you can program the audio equalizer and predefine audio preferences for music, games and movies. Customize audio options and create personal sound profiles for each of your games. Listen to your sound material as you like it.

  • Mixing audio from several sources : Audio from up to three devices. No game interruptions due to incoming calls. You can answer a call without pausing the game or losing sight of the action. Use the wireless mixed adapter to add up to two additional devices. The audio of additional devices is mixed with that of the PC.

  • Mixed wireless adapter with USB power : Use your wired devices wirelessly. Combine an analog input on the wireless mixed adapter with USB power to a USB port, to convert your analog audio devices into wireless ones. When connecting a wireless mixed adapter to a USB powered port, it will transmit mixed audio from the USB input and the 3.5mm input built into the headphones, even if the USB port does not support USB audio.

  • Clear communication : Foldable microphone with noise suppression. Rest assured that they will hear you thanks to a flexible rod microphone with superior noise suppression. The rod has a LED indicator so you know if the microphone is muted. If you are not using it, you can fold the microphone against the headphones and it will be almost invisible. G933 is ready to travel: it includes a mobile cable and a secondary microphone cable for mobile devices, which you can use when you do not want to have the rod next to your face.

  • Durable comfort : Soft and breathable materials. G933 Artemis Spectrum is designed for long gaming sessions. The pads and headband are made of sports mesh materials, soft and breathable for maximum comfort. The G933 Artemis Spectrum headphones with an over-the-ear fastening fit without pressing. To keep the headphones clean, the pads can be removed and washed.


  • System Requirements

    • Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, PS4 ™ or Xbox One ™

    • USB port, 3.5 mm audio port or RCA audio output ports

    • Internet connection for the installation of Logitech Gaming Software

    • 7.1 surround sound, lighting configuration and G key programming require Logitech Gaming Software and a USB port.

    • Software available at gaming.logitech.com/support.

  • Box contents

    • Gaming headset with performance microphone

    • 3.5mm analog cable with audio controls

    • 3.5mm RCA cable

    • USB charging / data cable

    • Mixed wireless adapter with USB power

    • Custom labels (left / right)

    • User documentation

  • Technical specifications

    • Headphones:

      • Audio driver: 40 mm (1.6 in)

      • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

      • Impedance: 39 ohms (passive), 5 ohms (active)

      • Sensitivity: 107dB SPL / mW

    • Microphone (rod):

      • Microphone pickup pattern: Cardioid (unidirectional)

      • Size: 4 mm (0.15 in)

      • Frequency response: 100 Hz-20 KHz

    • Wireless range of action: *

      • Interiors: 15 meters (49 ft)

      • Outdoor: 20 meters (65 ft)

      • * The wireless range of action depends on the environmental conditions

    • Connection type: USB

    • Battery life * (rechargeable):

      • Without illumination: 12 hours

      • With default lighting: 8 hours

      • Calculated at 50% volume.

    • Audio controls

    • Microphone

    • Microphone type: Cardioid (unidirectional)

    • Noise suppression

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